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The Fivepenny Piece Discography

Telling Tales
5 Penny Piece

EMI EMC 3183

Release Date: 1977

Another collection of songs in a wide range of styles - the usual Lancashire humour (including a cracking version of the old Gracie Fields number Fred Fannakapan), pop (Butterflies & Songbirds), nostalgia (Boozer's Lament) and the curious Doctor Duck And Sailor Sam, which sounds as if it could be a children's song, or maybe has some deeper meaning...?

The album showed the band's name on the front cover as 5 Penny Piece (with the numeric 5) for the first time, in what seemed to be a kind of logo to be used for the next few albums.

Side 1

  1. Write Me A Song
  2. Fred Fannakapan
  3. Tummeld In
  4. I Ask The Question (Who Am I?)
  5. Albert's Apple Tree
  6. My Friend The Mirror
  7. Miss Nightingale
  8. Spanish Holiday

Side 2

  1. Hand Me Down Trousers
  2. Boozer's Lament
  3. The Faithless Weaver
  4. Doctor Duck And Sailor Sam
  5. The Teacher
  6. Butterflies And Songbirds
  7. Old Tom The Weaver
  8. Paddle Your Own Canoe
The Fivepenny Piece CD cover

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