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The Fivepenny Piece Discography

An Evening With The Fivepenny Piece
The Fivepenny Piece

Recorded Live At The Coliseum Theatre, Oldham

Philips 6382 154

Release Date: 1980

The band's second album for Philips was recorded live at the Coliseum Theatre in Oldham. It featured the usual blend of straight songs and humour, although there were fewer original compositions by the band than in the past.

The set included a few covers of well-known songs such as Benny' Hill's Gather In The Mushrooms, Stan Kelly's Liverpool Lullaby and Ralph McTell's Streets Of London. The track I'm In Love With... was in praise of Angela Rippon, who was the first woman to read the national news regularly on BBC TV. For some reason her name was not mentioned in the title...

Side 1

  1. Five Merry Minstrels
  2. Gather In The Mushrooms
  3. Black Pud Stud
  4. Streets Of London
  5. Polar Bear
  6. Saturday Cowboys
  7. Lunatic Song
  8. Give Us A Smile George

Side 2

  1. What Can You Do When Your Clogs Let In Water
  2. Seth Davey
  3. Johnny Beggar
  4. Liverpool Lullaby
  5. I'm In Love With...
  6. Up North
  7. Early In The Morning
The Fivepenny Piece CD cover

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